GDPR-compliant solution that enables the encrypted storage of documents, account information and other types of confidential data

The challenge

Mandated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the security of personal data is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, the loss of sensitive data – either through hacking, natural disasters or theft – can have serious consequences for an organisation and potentially lead to putting it out of business. In line with EU legislation, organisations can be fined up to €100m or 5% of their global sales revenues, whichever is higher.

Every company continues to face the challenge of protecting their data, yet data losses can occur through:

  • Failures to implement correct business logic in software
  • Actions of a system or database administrator who has unrestricted access to personal identifiable information (PII) stored in an organisation’s database
  • Employees selling company security media to the competition

Companies also face the added challenge of deleting personal data in line with GDPR, as the process of restoring backup files once individual data sets have been deleted is not an easy one.

The solution

Datasafe is a GDPR-compliant solution for encrypting and storing personal data at the application level.

By encrypting data on an individual basis, Datasafe not only protects customers’ personal data from external attacks, but also from the risk of mass data losses due to opportunistic actions from staff members within an organisation. Each user’s personal data is encrypted with an individual key, as a result, their data can only be processed when the user is logged into the system.

Datasafe puts an end to mass data losses, especially from systems where a lot of PII is collected and processed. The solution also allows organisations to implement GDPR-compliant personal data deletion processes.

Simple to use and rich in features, Datasafe is currently used by a wide range of organisations, ranging from start-ups with 10 employees to companies with over 7,000.

The benefits

  • Data can only be decrypted when the user is present
  • Encryption of personal identifiable information – ensuring GDPR compliance
  • Encryption of personal identifiable information – using CMS standard file format (Cryptographic Message Syntax)
  • Data can be encrypted and stored – even when the user is not present
  • Data is encrypted when transferred between devices – data is protected on multiple devices
  • Encryption of file name and path is optional
  • Simple to use, easy to integrate into other applications
  • SVery modular and easy to customise
  • Open Source (see GitHub)

For more information, please contact

Andre Achtstaetter

Andre Achtstaetter

Vice President International Division